Chick Flicks: The Witch

Woulds't thou like to live deliciously? So asks Black Phillip to Thomasin in the 2016 Puritan horror story The Witch. And I think we all know the answer: Yes, doy! Delicious, witchly, eternity plz.

In this week's Chick Flick, The Which, first-time director Robert Eggers provides a masterclass in period detail, and his directorial precision pairs beautifully with intricate and devastating performances--chiefly from Anya Taylor-Joy--that left both Chris and Courtney in awe.

The Witch also gives Chris a chance to nerd out on Puritan history and religion, an opportunity he always welcomes. 

Also on the episode, a conversation about Donald Glover's 'This is America:' the song, the video, and how white folks react to African-American art, provide an extended intro debate that covers Donald Glover, Kanye West, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and more.