Chick Flicks: Set It Off

Journey back to 1996 with Chris and Courtney as they revisit a complex action-drama that investigates race, systemic violence, police abuse, income inequality, gender and sexuality. F. Gary Gray's Set It Off was both ahead of its time and for all times.

The conversation includes quotes from two articles that are essential reading for watching Set It Off in 2018:

1. For Cleo: Set It Off's Ultimate Ride or Die by Amanda Parris. 
2. Why Set It Off is a Seminal Film for Black Feminism by Mecca Jamilah Sullivan.

Read them.

Also on the episode, the hosts review (rave, really) about two Janelle Monae videos: PYNK and Make Me Feel. Both singles appear on Monae's new and inspired album, 'Dirty Computer.' Which you should definitely buy.