Monster Madness: The Little Shop of Horrors

The final episode of Double Exposure's Monster Madness series is here, and we're talking about The Little Shop of Horrors. Frank Oz's 1986 horror-musical-comedy, about an alien plant named Audrey II that eats humans in a flower shop on skid row, is based on an off-Broadway show, which was based on the 1960 Roger Corman movie. The whole thing is hilarious and ridiculous and holds up amazingly well 30 years later.

In the episode we discuss the what separates this campy horror musical from Rocky Horror Picture show, CGI effects vs. practical effects, how Oz and his creature effects team were able to make Audrey II sing so convincingly, and sadistic dentists. 

Also, we remember Stephen Hawking, and ask a question as unanswerable as the origins of the universe: What's more difficult: Writing jokes or astrophysics?