Mythical Menagerie: Gremlins vs. Labyrinth


This week Courtney and Chris are joined by Mimi Nguyen, a software engineer and creative nonfiction writer from San Francisco. Mimi selected the genre Mythical Menagerie: More Creatures than Humans, in part because she loves Harry Potter. 

But Double Exposure let Mimi down and skipped Fantastic Beasts. On the show instead: 1984's Gremlins and 1986's Labyrinth. It's an '80s fantasy face-off.

Where to find Mimi:

Conversation on the show includes:
--How do you judge a menagerie of mythical creatures?
--When, exactly, does "after midnight" end for those Gremlins?
--Was your sexual maturation kicked-off by Labyrinth?
--And, most importantly, will we satisfy the bulge?

11_Mythical Menagerie.png