One Crazy Night: American Graffiti vs. Four Rooms


The genre: One Crazy Night.

The movies: American Graffiti and Four Rooms

It's boomer nostalgia vs. '90s indie-zaniness.

Our guest this week is Blake Iverson, an entertainment and business attorney, adjunct professor, artist manager and retired trivia host.  

Where to find Blake:

George Lucas' American Graffiti was the director's second film, and immediate predecessor to Star Wars. 

Four Rooms, the 1995 four-film anthology comedy about a bellhop having a nightmare first day on the job, directed by Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell.

Topics on the pod this week: teenagers, nostalgia, and the commercialization of your youth; Quentin Tarantino's acting in the 1990s; George Lucas' ability to direct a movie; Quentin Tarantino's writing in the 1990s; and is Star Wars any good?

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