Unlikely Loser Saves the Day: On The Waterfront vs. Attack The Block

Books and tennis and David Foster Wallace motive Jill Braithwaite, our guest this week on Double Exposure. Jill also loves, movies, of course, and she joins us to discuss the latest super-specific genre: Unlikely Loser Saves the Day. 

Where to find Jill: 

The movies:

1954's On The Waterfront, a classic Marlon Brando picture about union corruption and moral uprightitude and courage.

2011's Attack the Block, the beloved south London sci-fi comedy about an alien invasion and the kids who come to the planet's defense. 

The pair is perhaps our most unusual yet on Double Exposure, but they make for a delightful double-feature. 

Also on the episode: Brando, method and changing the way actor act, the joys of decoding London slang, and Jill and Chris bond over dumping on Forrest Gump. 

So bell us up, and we'll have bear fun, bruv.