The Serial Killer is Your Friend!: Frailty and I am not a Serial Killer

The odds that you know a serial killer are not that great. Unless you're in the movies, where, honestly, not only do you know the killer, but you straight up LOVE the killer. 

Such is the case in this week's Double Exposure, anyway, which dives into the sub-sub-genre The Serial Killer is Your Friend.

This dark and twisty episode selection is brought you by Paul McGuire Grimes.

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For this week's show, Courtney, Chris have selected the 2002 axe-murder-is-a-family-affair film, Frailty, starring and directed by Bill Paxton, and the 2016 Minnesota-made teenage-sociopath coming-of-age feature I am Not a Serial Killer.


Also on the episode: Favorite episodes of television, how much media per week does a working critic watch, and lots of religious debate.