Episode 18: Human/Robot Wars -- The Terminator vs. The Matrix Reloaded

The often contentions and violent relationship between humans and machines has been a part of the movies since the movies began. As long as humans have been able to conceive of artificial intelligence, we have been unable to stop making movies about getting our asses whooped by robots. 

At least, that's what episode two is about. This week's super-specific genre on Double Exposure is Human/Robot Wars. Courtney and Chris have selected their favorite films from this genre and up for the fight are The Terminator and Matrix Reloaded.

The selector of this genre is the author Andrew DeYoung. Last month, Andrew's science-fiction novel The Exo Project was released by Boyd's Mill Press, and he was gracious enough to spend an evening in the studio talking about science-fiction franchises about artificially intelligent human-killing robots.

Find Andrew DeYoung and his Book:

Also on the episode: lots of talk about artificial intelligence, tech-billionaires, the frailty of the human ego, and kung fu.

Remember, this is not a competition based on who thinks what film is better. Chris wants you to remember this, as he has the task of trying to defend Matrix Reloaded from the easy pot-shots it has taken over the past 14 years.