Movies Steve Bannon Would Hate: Starship Troopers

Starship Troopers is a tricky pick for the Movies Steve Bannon Would Hate miniseries. Because, frankly, we're not sure that Steve Bannon would hate it. But we're certain that he should. 

Paul Verhoeven's 1997 big-budget science-fiction intergalactic bug-war dons all the attire of a fascistic warmongering battle hungry war film. And if one doesn't pay close attention, then that's what you'll find. But Verhoeven is no fascist, and his film undercuts every moment of fascism and authoritarianism it portrays. So argues Chris, anyway.

So why would Steve Bannon Hate This Movie? Well, Bannon is a Clash of Civilization ideologue. His worldview, as expressed in his Vatican Speech, seems to employ war and conflict as a tool to meet his political aims. Which is terrible, and the very target of Starship Troopers

Also on this episode: much discussion of how terrifying Steve Bannon's appetite for war is, how wonderful Paul Verhoeven's appetite for sex is, and a request for listeners to donate to the people doing the work of helping US veterans living with mental illness.

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