Movies Steve Bannon Would Hate: Children of Men

Last week marked the end of Season One on Double Exposure. Before we start Season Two, we’re dedicating some time on the show to the subject that is sucking the oxygen out of Chris and Courtney’s, and so many other Americans’, lives: presidential politics. More specifically, Steven Bannon.

The former Executive Chair of the alt-right propo site Breitbart News somehow managed to turn his controversial brand of anti-everything-and-everyone politics into one of the most powerful political positions in America: Donald Trump’s Chief White House Strategist. There are no strings to hold Bannon down, now. Maybe not even his boss.  There’s something about the position of Steve Bannon in our country right now that is deeply troubling. To put it mildly.

So welcome to week 1 of Double Exposure: Movies Steve Bannon Would Hate! For the next few months, Double Exposure is going to explore the life and politics of Steve Bannon, through movies we believe he would (or should) hate.

In our first Movies Steve Bannon Would Hate! installment, Chris and Courtney discuss what it is about Steve Bannon that makes him so unsettling and troubling, before moving to discuss the recent Executive Order on immigration and refugee travel.

All of which leads to Alfonso Cuaron’s 2006 sci-fi dystopian drama, Children of Men. Set in England in 2027, Children of Men presents a society falling apart: immigration and refugees now live in camps and cages, the government distributes suicide pills, and an unknown crisis caused worldwide infertility. Cuaron’s film depicts a bleak future; one too easy to imagine when men like Steve Bannon are in power.