Heartfelt Obscure Sports Biopics: Ip Man vs. Foxcatcher

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Improviser and writer Mike Fotis joins Courtney and Chris to discuss Heartfelt Obscure Sports Biopics. Mike is a founder of the brand new Strike Theater, dedicated to comedy, improv and spoken word. Mike also wrote and performed for Wits, is an alum of Brave New Workshop, and has performed pretty much all over town.

Where to Find Mike: 

Mike picked Heartfelt Obscure Sports Biopics because he loves Hoosiers, so naturally Courtney picked a dark and strange wrestling drama, Foxcatcher, and Chris picked a Kung Fu/war movie set in 1930s China, Ip Man.

Because that's how Double Exposure does sports. But Mike was a good sport.

Conversation this week includes a discussion on the definition of biopic (Chris doesn't think Foxcatcher is a biopic, Courtney doesn't think Ip Man is), American responses to Chinese nationalist cinema, the movies of Bennet Miller (specifically, Moneyball), and the everpresent use of national flags in sports movies (sports = patriotism?).

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