Those Kids are F**king Scary: Village of the Damned vs. The Good Son


Creepy kids take over Double Exposure this week, as Chris and Courtney talk horror movies with the most terrifying creatures of all: kids.

The pictures this week: 1960's The Village of the Damned vs. the 1993 horror drama The Good Son

So it's one terrifying Macaulay Culkin vs. a whole troupe of pre-teen british blondies with mind powers.

Horror author Ryan Bradford joins. Ryan is a writer living in San Diego. He is the author of Horror Business and editor of the literary horror journal Black Candies. He also writes and edits for San Diego CityBeat, the city's largest progressive weekly. 

Where to Find Ryan:
@TheRyanBradford (Black Candies)

Can Macaulay Culkin ever be scary? Is a hive-mind of virgin birthed creepy kids something to welcome or fear? How do you store spaghetti and meatballs in the fridge? This and more, this week.

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