Episode 16: Deborah Carver talks Winona Ryder

Deborah Carver is a writer, editor and filmmaker, just about to wrap up her first short film, The Great Man Theory of History.

She joins Double Exposure this week to discuss the woman of a million facial expressions, Winona Ryder.  

Where to find Deborah:

Winona Rider was the it girl of the late 80s and early 90s, starring in everything from sci-fi/horror comedies to Scorcese-directed period dramas. By the mid-90s was a Gen X icon and a two-time academy award nominee. You could say she really made something of herself by the age of 23. 

For the show, we discuss the 1988 school-shooting comedy Heathers and the 1994 slacker-romance Reality Bites. The former features Ms. Rider as a 16-year old actress making a meal of a terrific screenplay, the latter finds her wading through the middle of a corporate slough. Or so one of us thinks anyway. 

But no matter the movie, Winona Ryder plays her naturalism and authenticity to maximum effect. So we decided to judger her on that very quality. And also, those faces. Those, wonderful faces.