Episode 7: Alanda Kariza Talks Marion Cotillard

It was 8:00 PM on an unsuspecting Tuesday evening in St. Paul, Minnesota when Chris and Courtney skyped their way into the future: Wednesday morning in Jakarta, Indonesia. This week, Double Exposure goes international.

On the other end of that call was the activist and writer Alanda Kariza. Kariza is the author or co-author of eight books--five works of fiction and four non-fiction. Her latest, Beats Apart, is a romance she co-authored with Kevin Aditya. Alanda also created the Indoneisan Youth Conference, meant to inspire youth to achieve their aspirations. 

Not bad for a 25-year old. 

Where to find Alanda:

Alanda's selection for Double Exposure is the French actress Marion Cotillard. The Oscar Winner is well known on this side of the pond for playing an often mysterious character who lives around the edges of a central story or plot. She dissembles with the best, and on-screen it can be difficult to capture what is under the surface. 

Such is the case for both the Double Exposure double feature. In 2003's Love Me If You Dare, Cotillard plays one half of an obsessive game of truth or dare that lasts from childhood into adulthood: a game that risks friendships, marriages, and even lives. Why? Who knows. 

Ten years later, inThe Dark Knight Rises, Cotillard appears in only about 15 minutes of the film, but she carries in her fatale character much of the plot's energy and revelation. 

On this episode we ask whether Cotillard is more herself on-screen playing the Great French Mystery in American films, or the dark-comedic-love interest in her early French career. Plus! Three science-based trailers. Science!