Coming Soon: Marion Cotillard

If you can name an Acting Award, Marion Cotillard has probably won it. She has a couple of César Awards (France's Oscars). She has an Academy Award (America's Oscars). She has a BAFTA, a Golden Globe. 

Then there's the slew of festival brass. For more on that, see the Wikipedia entry called List of Awards and Nominations Received by Marion Cotillard

So, you know, she's a celebrated actress. French, too. Celebrated AND French. Cotillard is also the next subject of Double Exposure. 

Marion Cotillard was nominated by our guest, the Indonesian writer Alanda Kariza; which makes this our first episode of Double Exposure that is truly international.

Kariza's selections for Cotillard: the 2003 black comedy Love Me If You Dare and 2012's The Dark Knight Rises. Two films that could not be more different. But how better to take the temperature of a long, illustrious career? 

Both films are available to stream on Amazon, iTunes, and all the usual places.