Episode 6: Lea Devon Sorrentino talks Wesley Snipes

Artist and Podcaster Lea Devon Sorrentino has a love for To Wong Foo that can never be extinguished. It is, as she says on the latest Double Exposure, her favorite comedy ever. The drag-queen comedy is actually the raison d'etre for this week's show: Lea appreciates any reason to have people watch-then discuss- To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.

On top of being a wonderful artist and video maker, Lea is the host of the podcast Lea and the Internet, where she interviews guests about how internet shapes culture, people, and the way communities interact. Definitely check her work out.

Where to find Lea Deon Sorrentino:
Artwork: LeaDevon.com
Podcast: LeaandtheInternet.com / @andtheinternet  
Twitter: @hehleah

For the double feature, Lea has selected the Wesley Snipes / Sylvester Stallone science-fiction romp Demolition Man. A film that asks: Would you want to live in a world where all restaurants are named Taco Bell? 

Wesley Snipes was doing everything in the movies in the early 90s, and in this episode, Chris and Courtney and Lea dive deep on the actor's ability to mix the deliciously vile big-bad, with brilliant comic timing and an unusual brand of machismo. 

Also in the episode we ask: why do boys beat the shit out of each other to join pointless fraternities, why do we say we have seen movies we've never seen, and reminisce about the loss of Robin Williams. Double Bonus: Find out who Lea thinks is a 'giant Sasquatch of beauty" (hint: she was a Golden Girl).