Coming Soon: Karyn Kusama

Get to know your hosts this week, as Courtney and Chris discuss the career of director Karyn Kusama. 

Kusama's debut was 2000's Girlfight, a festival hit that won its director and star, Michelle Rodriguez, praise for this emotionally complex, gender-challenging boxing story. Girlfight won the Directing Award and the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

Nine years later, after her career nearly collapsed under the failure of Aeon Flux, Kusama directed the high-school horror comedy Jennifer’s Body. Kusama cast Megan Fox as the titular Jennifer, a frightening blood-thirsty boy-feasting Satan-possessed teenager. The movie was a critical bust, and found little favor at the box-office, but Chris and Courtney agree: Jennifer’s Body, and Karyn Kusama, are worth watching.