Episode 5: Danno Klonowski talks Nick Nolte (and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr)

It was a happy accident that brought Nick Nolte to Double Exposure. This week's guest, Danno Klonowski, had planned to choose Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. as his subject for discussion. But realizing the filmic nature of Double Exposure, Danno looked for another connection to his choice of pictures. So he took his two Vonnegut adaptations, Mother Night and Breakfast of Champions, and pulled out their common core. 

Thus, Nick Nolte.  Good work, Danno, because somehow Nolte just doesn't get the reps he deserves.

Danno Klownoski, by the by, is the host of the Wayne Gale Variety Hour, a wonderful and wild pop culture podcast that discusses movies, current events and politics and all sorts of other brilliant things like Tim Heidecker's On Movies at The Movies. . It's not easy to describe, but WGVH is a wild and wonderful affair, and we're very excited to have Danno in the DE studios.

Where to find Danno, and Wayne Gale Variety Hour
Wayne Gale Variety Hour

As for Nick Nolte, you can get more Nolte than 1996's Mother Night. It's 200% Nolte. The 1992 Sexiest Man Alive plays an American living in Germany before WWII, when he is enlisted by the US Government to work for the Nazis as a propaganda spewing radio host, in order to transmit secret message to the Allied armies. It's complicated, great stuff from the Nolt. 

Then, in 1999, Nolte starred alongside Bruce Willis in Breakfast of Champions, which is a movie that was released in 1999.