Coming Soon: Nick Nolte (sexiest man alive, 1992).

Nick Nolte was arrested for selling fake draft cards in 1961. Here's his mugshot. In 2002, Nolte was arrested for drunk driving. Here's that notorious mugshot. In the ensuing decades, Nolte has been sober, and far from sober, many times over. He was also the sexiest man alive (I know!), and through it all, he's maintained a thriving, if strange, movie career.

That career is the subject of Danno Klonowski's visit to Double Exposure. 

Danno is the host of the Wayne Gale Variety Hour, a pop culture podcast that discusses movies in light of current events and cultural trends and politics and all sorts of other influences and metrics. It's not easy to describe, but WGVH is a wild and wonderful affair, and we're very excited to have Danno in the DE studios.

Something else about Klonowski: he loves Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

He loves him so much, in fact, that Danno dedicated an entire episode of Double Exposure to Nick Nolte, just because Nolte happens to star in two Vonnegut adaptations: Breakfast of Champions and Mother Night