Episode 4: Karyn Kusama with Courtney and Chris

Episode 4 of Double Exposure is the first featuring only your humble hosts. Courtney and Chris embark on their first solo (times two) episode to discuss the work of director Karyn Kusama.

Kusama is having a banner year in 2016, having released the critically beloved horror film The Invitation. Her fourth film in 16 years, The Invitation is, as one our hosts wrote in his review,  a “significant, powerful achievement.” The victory must be sweet for Kusama, who saw her career nearly derailed ten years ago by the disastrous Aeon Flux.

Courtney chose Kusama because she loves discussing women directors, and she’s been meaning to get around to watching Kusama’s third film, Jennifer’s Body.  To complete the double feature, Courtney picked Kusama’s debut drama Girlfight.

So, this week on Double Exposure: Kusama’s career, Megan Fox drinking blood, and Michelle Rodriguez making her big-screen debut. Plus Buffy, a bad 2003 Lance Henrikson film, and as always, two new trailers.