Episode 3: Jay Gabler talks Michael Douglas

Let's all welcome Jay Gabler to Double Exposure.

For Minnesota Public Radio's The Current, Jay Gabler writes about music. At ClassicalMPR, Jay writes about Classical Music. And over at The Tangential, Jay covers pop culture and film. The Tangential also recently published a book, Sexts from the Sea, that includes a piece co-written by Courtney. So make sure you buy it!

On this week's episode of Double Exposure, Jay calls upon all his various layers of expertise, personal experience and more to try to crack the mystery of Michael Douglas.

Where to find Jay:

That task begins with 1987's Fatal Attraction. Adrian Lyne directed Douglas in what would eventually become the highest grossing film of the year (alas, for the days when adult dramas were #1 at the box office). The film would also garner Academy Award nominations for the Director, as well as Glenn Close as Douglas maniacal one-night-stand partner, and Anne Archer, who plays Douglas' wife.

For the pairing, Gabler chose Paul Verhoeven's 1992 sex and violence romp Basic Instinct. To get a sense of Verhoeven's notorious picture, just peruse IMDB's plot keywords for Basic Instinct, which include 'female serial killer' and 'pubic hair.' Yeah.