Episode 1: Linnea Mohn Talks Sarah Polley

Voice Over Actor. Musician. Radio DJ. Mom. Linnea Mohn. 

Linnea is a singer in the band Rogue Valley. Their latest album radiate/dissolve was released on June 21. Buy it here

Linnea is also a DJ at Go 96.3, where she hosts the morning program Lazy Sunday. 

Where to find Linnea:
Rogue Valley
Go 96.3
@linneaawake / @fedaftermidnite

Linnea comes to the Double Exposure studio to talk about Sarah Polley and her films Take This Waltz and Stories We Tell.  Polley is a Canadian actress, writer and director. In her first directoral effort, Away from Her, Polley was nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay. 

Polley next wrote and directed the romantic drama/comedy Take This Waltz, starring Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen and Luke Kirby. While making Waltz, she was also creating the personal documentary Stories We Tell, which examines her family history and her own parentage.