Episode 13: Mike Writes talks Alfred Hitchcock

Let me introduce Mike Epperson, aka, Mike Writes. Epperson is a Philadelphia-based rapper and English Professor at Arcadia University and Philadelphia University. He joins us this week on Double Exposure.  

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For discussion, Mike brought Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo and North By Northwest, two undisputed masterpieces from the master of suspense. Vertigo recently topped the Sight and Sound critics’ poll, surpassing Citizen Kane as the best film of all time. And North By Northwest has long been considered among Hitchcock’s most successful thrillers.

The question for these films is not are they great, but why are they considered so? How should we account for Hitchcock’s obsessive fetishism for manipulating women into manipulating men? How do fears of mistaken identity effect modern audiences? And why does Hitch make his actresses keep expressionless faces?

Which film will be the most Hitchcockian? And what does that mean when Hitchcock made so many and various films? Let us know what you think.

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