Episode 8: George Chen Talks Alex Cox

In 1984, director Alex Cox erupted into the film world with his debut, Repo Man. The black-comedy combined a punk rock aesthetic with Reagan era commentary and some bonkers sci-fi craziness. It was a surprise hit, and one of the best reviewed films of the year.

Only three years later, Cox made his last film inside the Hollywood system, Walker. A satire/anachronistic historical biopic about a 19th century militiaman taking over Nicaragua. 

Comedian George Chen brought Alex Cox to the Double Exposure studio. Chen is a standup comic in Los Angeles, where he also appears on the documentary focused podcast Sup Doc.  

Where to Find George: 
Sup Doc Podcast

On this episode of Double Exposure, George, Courtney and Chris discuss Alex Cox's confusing blacklisting, his off the wall sense of humor, and that weird feeling that Cox movies can give viewers. 

Also: In-n-Out Burger, Bad Santa 2, and Young Guns fan-fiction.