Episode 9: Zach Broussard and Mary Lordes talk Kevin Kline

TV writer Mary Lordes and actor Zach Broussard are this week's guests on the film podcast Double Exposure. Mary currently writes for Tru TV's Adam Ruins Everything, where she, well, ruins what you love. Zach's upcoming credits include the films Coin Heist and In Case of Emergency.

Where to find Mary and Zach

For their double feature, Zach and Mary chose Kevin Kline, America's favorite normal guy of the movies. In 1993, Kline played the body double to the President in the Ivan Reitman film Dave. Then, in 1999, Kline would take his big-budget blockbuster turn in the Barry Sondenfeld bomb Wild Wild West

Hosts Chris Zumski Finke and Courtney Algeo discuss with Broussard and Lordes the work and legacy of Kevin Kline, as well as the romance that brought the world six (6!) Resident Evil films, and a little known web-treasure called wikifeet.